Advisory Board

  • Richard Bryan - Channel 23
  • Pete Dugas - President, Technical Services Audio Visual
  • Keith Ellenburg - Director, PCSS Technology Services
  • Willie Mobley - Specialist, PCSS Technology Services
  • Ric Wallace - Director, UGA Technical Services
  • Wade Williams - Systems Integrator, Barbizon Lighting

E.T. Crew

The PCHS Entertainment Technology program is designed to train and prepare students to manage and operate the technologies used to support the various programs in the entertainment and information professional community. These technologies include P.A. systems, theatrical lighting equipment, video production equipment and more. Students who achieve E.T. certifications are eligible to work events both on and off campus using school equipment and facilities.

Putnam County High School facilities with E.T. equipment require a trained and certified student operator. Some PCHS equipment, with supporting personnel, is available for rental, both on and off campus. For more information regarding rates and available services please click the Reservation Forms linked below.


Corporate Partners

Technical Services
Audio Visual

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